Hank is such a cuddler. He loves attention and would stay by your side all day if you kept scratching or patting him. He loves being brushed and having his belly rubbed. Hank's other true love is food and he wags his tail and grunts in anticipation of his twice daily meals. Hank's story is not uncommon. We were approached by Hank's previous owner because she was moving and didn't think she could find a place that would allow a pet pig inside. She had had Hank since he was a young piglet and he was very bonded with her. Unfortunately Hank hadn't been neutered early on in life so he was starting to display some unpleasant behaviours like mounting and aggression due to his raging hormones. When Hank arrived here he was very underweight and had severe mange. He was very stressed and emotional about being left here. We were very nervous around Hank at first because he would lunge and bite at us often. Hank's behaviour settled down after he was neutered, his mange and hunger were dealt with, and once we moved him outside full-time. He is now such a different animal. He loves exploring his paddock and searching for food and he's always there to greet us when he hears our voices.