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Jerry came to us from our friends at Hope for Wildlife Society. He was a resident turkey there along with his friend, Tom, but when they started fighting, we were asked if we could take Jerry in. Jerry lived at Lailo Farm Sanctuary for 1.5 year and was a huge presence. He's an extremely social bird and loved being around people, impressing everyone with his constant displays of feathers and sounds. Jerry went to his forever home with a lovely vegan couple where spends a lot of time hanging out on their deck and even inside their home. Jerry always wanted to be around people all of the time so found a perfect home with Holly and Ryan. We miss Jerry but are so happy knowing he is so loved and happy.   



Grace originally came to us from our friends at Hope for Wildlife. She was found in someone’s backyard hanging out at their bird feeder. This was shortly before Thanksgiving and by lucky chance, the person who owned that backyard happened to be a vegetarian so she wanted to save Grace. That is how she ended up at Hope for Wildlife. They didn’t have room for another resident turkey so asked if we would take her. Grace stayed living with us for 1.5 years but when we moved properties she kept getting into trouble by wandering onto the neighbouring properties and going onto the road. At that time, Hope for Wildlife was in the position to be able to take her in permanently so she went back there to live on their lovely farm. She is in good hands and we couldn't have asked for a better life for her.   



Tui was rescued by us in the summer of 2018. When we took her in she was so skinny and could barely walk because of how swollen her knees were and her hooves were too long. She was being listed as a riding and cart pony - poor girl! With proper farrier help and time, Tui's condition improved and eventually she got to the point where she was able to run again. Although Tui lived with the goat herd, we always felt sad that she didn't have any other horse friends so when the perfect home presented itself, we let adopted her out. She is living a great life with two horse friends on a paddock paradise track (please look this up if you aren't familiar with this amazing way of keeping horses in a natural manner) and she is very loved and happy. We're so pleased to see how far she's come and happy to know she won't be abused or neglected again. 



In early 2018 we took in 54 chickens - 8 roosters and the rest hens. These birds had been used by a roadside farm stand for eggs and after one year of use were going to be killed and replaced. We stepped up and took them all in to save their lives. It was a huge rescue and many of the birds were in rough shape with many cases of emaciation, bumblefoot and a few with frostbitten combs. Over the next several months we nursed them back to health. We spent a lot of time carefully screening suitable adopters for them and over time were were about to find all of them (minus three that sadly didn't survive) loving, forever homes.  


If you would like to support the sanctuary and contribute to the continued care of these animals, please consider making a donation.

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