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Lucy has a very sad story. In April 2019, she was dumped on a 30 acre private island along with about a dozen other little pigs. These pigs were left to fend for themselves and weren't provided with food or shelter. By the time authorities were alerted in late July, there were only five pigs left. When the caretaker was instructed to provide food and shelter for the remaining pigs, he decided to shoot them instead. Lucy was the only survivor, but was shot in both of her hind legs. She evaded capture for two weeks until she was finally lured into a cage and brought to the sanctuary in August. Many vet visits and x-rays later, Lucy's shattered bones fused and now she gets around very well. When she arrived at the sanctuary she looked pregnant, but x-rays didn’t reveal any babies. About three months later, she gave birth to three surprise piglets so she must have been mated just before the other pigs on the island were shot.

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