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Sunny - Lailo Sanctuary.jpg

Sunny arrived at the sanctuary when she was two weeks old. She was being listed on a local farming page as a blind lamb who would make a good house pet! Sunny's eyes were such a mess when she arrived. One of her eyes had ruptured so was oozing and very infected (we could smell the infection). The other was clouded over with a deep ulcer. Sunny had never received any vet care for her eyes until she came to us. We took her straight away to our friends over at Hope for Wildlife Society so that their staff vet, Dr. Jessica, could asses the eyes. Sunny needs to have her one eye removed and is getting medication for her other one. in hopes of saving it. She hasn't been able to have surgery yet because the infection in her one eye hasn't responded to antibiotics. Sunny has been receiving wonderful care over at Hope's but we look forward to being reunited with her once she recovers from surgery. Sunny is a bright, loving lamb who wins the hearts of all who meet her. 

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