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Tui is a small pony who enjoys going for walks and getting groomed. She is very gentle with people, though she is the dominant animal in the paddock. The goats and Hank have learned to stay out of her way when her ears are back! When we found Tui, she was being advertised as a riding and cart pony even though she was in no condition for this and couldn’t even walk soundly. She had arthritis in her knees and back, turned out toes and legs, overgrown teeth, and was deficient in several minerals and was skinny. She has come a long way since arriving at the sanctuary. She has a lovely farrier who is working with her hooves to help correct her poor confirmation. When she first arrived she could barely move faster than a walk, but now it’s not uncommon to see her trotting in the paddock and occasionally doing a little buck. She lives with the goat family for company until we can afford to rescue an equine companion for her. Our dream for Tui is to one day create a paddock paradise track system for her to roam, in order to mimic the lifestyle of wild horses. 

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