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Sunny the Blind Lamb _ Lailo Farm Sanctu

Sunny was a sweet Khatadin lamb who came into our care because the farmer who bred her couldn't cure her infected eyes. She was born with something wrong with her eyes and after a period of putting ointment in them without improvement the farmer offered to hand her over. Sunny's eyes were in such rough shape by the time she got to us that the vet said she would need to have one of them surgically removed and that she would likely not be able to see much out of the remaining eye. The vet team at Hope for Wildlife Society kept Sunny on site to get her strong enough for her surgery. As well, they had wanted the infection in her eyes more controlled before operating. Sadly and suddenly, Sunny passed away prior to her surgery. We were all devastated by the loss of this sweet, affectionate lamb. A huge thank you to the team at Hope for Wildlife Society for all of their help and for giving Sunny so much love in her last days of life.

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