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Merlin came to LAILO in the spring of 2023 with his companion Mickey. Merlin is a senior (estimated age is 20+ years old) miniature donkey. He experienced abuse and neglect in his past and at one point was left in a stall for years until he was rescued. His rescuer surrendered Mickey and Merlin to us when her situation changed and she could no longer care for them. Merlin has PPID (AKA equine Cushing's disease) which affects his pituitary gland and hormone regulation. He is now on medication for this conditions and is on a low sugar, minimal grass diet to prevent further issues. Merlin loves attention and once he trusts someone, he'll follow them around for more brushing or pats. Despite his mostly laid back personality, he is pretty set in his ways and doesn't like being told what to do! 

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